CLCPA Comments Submitted

CLCPA Comments Submitted Page

This page documents comments that I submitted as part of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act implementation process.

Submittal to Agency Staff re the Value of Carbon Guidance

CLCPA Non-Responsiveness to Public Input February 25, 2021

Pointed out error in their recommended calculation methodology of the value of carbon but received no response.

Submittals to Power Generation Advisory Panel

Power Generation Oct. 22, 2020 – Background Considerations for Generation Transition

Submitted an overview of electric power system and recommended a briefing by experts

Power Generation Dec. 3, 2020 – Wind Power Economics Reports

Reports prepared by Gordon Hughes, School of Economics, University of Edinburgh summarized in Wind Power Economics – Rhetoric and Reality should be considered by the Generation Advisory Panel.

Power Generation Jan. 17, 2021Peaking Power Plant Misconceptions

Comments described environmental justice advocate misconceptions of peaker power plants

Power Generation Jan. 19, 2021 –  Con Ed Peaking Power Plant Solution

Comments explained ramifications of Consolidated Edison’s transmission solutions to peaking power plant problems.

Power Generation March 27, 2021CLCPA Power Generation Advisory Panel Comments on the Texas Energy Debacle

Comments described why the Power Generation Advisory Panel should consider the causes of the February 2021 Texas blackouts and recommended enabling initiatives to address them

Comments Submitted by Others

Failure of the Climate Change Scoping Plan to Meet the Requirements of the Climate Act Comment submitted by Herschel Specter, Nuclear Engineer

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