Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Advisory Panel Strategies

This page consolidates posts on implementation plan strategies for the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). I have summarized the schedule, implementation components, and provide links to the legislation itself at CLCPA Summary Implementation Requirements.  Section § 75-0103 in the CLCPA establishes the New York state Climate Action Council that is charged with developing a scoping plan to outline recommendations for attaining the targets of the law. In order to “provide recommendations to the council on specific topics, in its preparation of the scoping plan, and interim updates to the scoping plan, and in fulfilling the council’s ongoing duties”, the CAC (§ 75-0103, 7) “shall convene advisory panels requiring special expertise”.  These panels have prepared the strategies described here to meet this mandate.

Strategies Submitted to the Climate Action Council

At the April and May 2021 Climate Action Council (CAC) meetings each advisory panel submitted their strategies for use in the development of the Scoping Plan.

 At the CAC meeting the heads of each panel made a presentation describing their strategies that included summary slides that are included in the meeting presentations.  The Agriculture and Forestry, Waste Advisory, and Energy-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Industries Advisory Panel Recommendations were presented at the April 12, 2021 Meeting and the other recommendations at the May 10, 2021 Meeting.

My posts on the submitted strategies are listed below:

Climate Justice Working Group

The Climate Justice Working Group consults with the advisory panels regarding their recommended enabling strategies and has commented on those recommendations to the Climate Action Council.  I commented on this aspect of the process in the following posts:

Initial Strategies

At the end of 2020 each panel presented their strategies to the Climate Action Council.  The audio presentations and meeting power point slides are available at the CLCPA website.  I extracted the presentations for each panel from the 24 November 2020 and 15 December 2020 meetings where these strategies were presented.

My posts on these strategies are listed below:

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