Facebook Page Posts

Facebook Page Posts

In response to suggestions from people that I respect, I am going to publicize articles that are of general interest on my Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York blog.  My background as a scientist and my responsibilities to provide technical comments on new or revised regulations means that I tend to get bogged down in technical details that are, too be kind, pretty wonky.  I will not announce all the articles that I publish but will alert interested people on topics of general interest that do not delve into the details.

The opinions expressed in my blog articles do not reflect the position of any of my previous employers or any other company I have been associated with, the comments are mine alone.

PEONY Announcing the Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Facebook Page March 6, 2021

CLCPA Unpublished Letter to the Editor of the Syracuse Post Standard March 8, 2021

CLCPA Power Generation Advisory Panel Comments on the Texas Energy Debacle March 27, 2021

Trust in meteorology has saved lives. Is the same possible for climate science? October 19, 2021

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