New York Energy Policy Posts

There is a movement underway to transform the New York State electric energy system. The rationale for this transformation is that we “have to do something” to alleviate the impacts of climate change. The plan is to change the existing electric energy system to be clean, more resilient, and affordable. My problem is that I see very little evidence that the components of the plan will actually meet those objectives.

I am very concerned that most of the public has no idea what the politicians, bureaucrats, advocacy groups, and crony capitalists are up to in this process. I am motivated to prepare these blog posts so that there is at least one voice of the unaffiliated public whose primary interest is keeping the electric energy system as resilient and affordable as it is currently.

The comprehensive energy strategy for New York is called Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). The ultimate goal of REV is to change the energy system of New York to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% from 1990 levels by 2050 (“80 by 50”). That is such a large effort that I have a companion blog that addresses components of REV.

This page lists my posts on New York energy policy that are not directly related to REV components. New York State energy planning is trying to choose between many expensive policy options in the electric sector while at the same time attempting to understand which one (or what mix) will be the least expensive and have the fewest negative impacts on the existing system. If they make a good pick then state ratepayers spend the least amount of a lot of money, but if they get it wrong we will be left with lots of negative outcomes and even higher costs for a long time.

New York Energy Policy Posts

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