Climate Act Component Implementation Page

I maintain that there are two underlying issues with the Climate Action Council approach for the transition plan: the Draft Scoping Plan does not include a feasibility analysis and the Council has not developed an implementation plan.  An implementation plan is needed to cost-effectively and efficiently implement the net-zero transition.  Without these plans New York state is just crossing their fingers and hoping that everything will work out.

The ultimate problem for the future electric grid that is dependent upon wind and solar are weak when the load peaks in the winter because space heating is electrified.  If an implementation plan was in place, it could encourage zero-emissions resources availability during future winter-time wind lulls, for example by discouraging utility-scale solar development where lake-effect snow is heavy.

An implementation plan could also reduce the chance that different projects could be working at cross purposes.  For example, the implementation plan should discourage the loss of prime farmland because soil sequestration is needed to net out the 15% of emissions that cannot be reduced.

This page lists posts that describe projects that implement the Climate Act.

Climate Act Implementation Posts

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