Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Overview

This is a summary of the Climate Act contents of this blog. The opinions expressed on this blog do not reflect the position of any of my previous employers or any other company I have been associated with, this material represents only my thoughts.

Recent Highlights – Spring 2023

Numerous articles on the New York cap and invest program proposal are listed at Carbon Pricing Initiatives.  If you are interested in an overview of emissions market programs,  the results of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and how they relate to the New York proposal check out this post.

I have given a presentation for a couple of professional groups and this post summarizes why I am skeptical about the Climate Act.

Citizen’s Guide to the Climate Act Guide Pages

The Citizens Guide to the Climate Act provides a simpler and more user-friendly summary of various aspects of the Climate Act for the non-technical audience.

Community Leadership and Community Protection Act or the “Climate Act”

The Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York blog has a page that lists many articles on various aspects of the Climate Act.  For the most part those articles are overly technical for the general public. The following pages provide links to the blog articles:

Climate Act Implementation

These pages link to my articles about the implementation of the Climate Act.

Background Science and Technology References

Although both the rationale and solution to the threats of climate change are portrayed as settled science, the reality is that it is much more complicated.  The following pages reference articles that address the complexities of both the scientific rationale and the proposed solutions:

  • Global Warming and Climate Change – These posts are my take on issues related to the science of climate change and global warming.
  • Climate Claims – The over-riding reason to transition the energy system away from fossil fuels is the alleged threat of a climate driven existential threat.  However, the proof of that is far from settled.
  • Renewable Energy Systems Background – There is a perception that wind and solar development can simply replace fossil-fired generation but to understand why that is not the case background information is needed.
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility – Overview articles discussing the feasibility of a transition to an energy system dependent upon renewable energy
  • Clean Energy – While “green” energy is commonly portrayed as clean and without faults, there is another side to that story.
  • Wind Energy – Links are provided to articles on environmental, health and costs of wind energy development.
  • Solar Energy – Links are provided to articles on environmental costs of solar energy development.
  • Energy Storage – Because renewable energy is intermittent energy storage is needed and this page lists links related to that requirement.
  • Electric Heating – In order to meet societal net-zero goals heating systems need to be transitioned away from fossil fuels, but that is a challenge for many reasons.
  • Hydrogen Issues – Hydrogen combustion does not produce greenhouse gases but can it safely and economically replace fossil fuels?
  • Electric Vehicles – There are many issues associated with widespread implementation of electric vehicles
  • Green Energy Costs – Links are provided to estimates of green energy costs in other countries

Other Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York Issues

This blog addresses other environmental and energy issues.

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